Connected Community

Connect, Collaborate and Share

In Flikli's latest video for Higher Logic, we explain Connected Community, a platform where franchisors and franchisees can create a private and secure community. It enables owners, operators and managers to be connected anytime and anywhere. Best practices and expertise can be shared increasing sales and lower costs across the whole network.

The Script

Meet Mike. He just bought the rights to open a new location for a national fast food franchise. Mike has plenty of business experience, but he's new to ownership. To succeed, he needs plenty of guidance from franchise operations – and from other owners. But how in the world does he get into that inner circle? Meet Eric. He owns 22 of the same fast food restaurants across a wide territory. Eric has been with the franchise for more than 20 years, so he has plenty of experience and war stories to share. It's too bad he only sees other owners at the franchise conference – once a year. Meet Donna. She works in franchise operations. Donna is facing increasing complaints from franchisees who are feeling left out. All she hears about is poor communication, lack of mentorship and lackluster business support. And if a franchisee tells her one more time, "You guys aren't giving us enough help in local markets!" – she's going to scream. Fortunately for Mike, Eric and Donna, the franchise is about to adopt Connected Community from Higher Logic. Connected Community is an online platform for creating private, secure communities for franchisors and franchisees. Connected Community is perfect for any franchise in any industry. It enables owners like Mike and Eric – and their operators and managers – to connect with one another any time, from anywhere. With Connected Community, they can share best practices and valuable expertise on cost savings, training, supply chain management, personnel issues, advertising – everything that goes into a successful franchise operation. In a short time, Connected Community has become indispensible. Owners now see the franchisors as partners – not adversaries. Locations across the country are posting higher sales and lower costs thanks to helpful advice from experienced members. Plus it's easier than ever for Donna to send out important documents and guidelines to ensure franchise compliance across the board. Eric and Mike agree—Connected Community is exactly the value that they expect from their investment. The community has helped improve everyone's bottom line. Remember – the rising tide lifts all boats. Donna's happy, too. She's not afraid of her phone or email any more. Nowadays, instead of complaints from franchise owners, she hears, "How can I invest more and expand my territory?"