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Just like business owners and CEOs, smaller colleges and universities struggle against "big name" schools for visibility. Searching students could easily overlook the perfect program in overcrowded search engines...until Collegesearch set up a software designed to shed light on the perfect destination for prospective students.

The Script

You know that getting your school on the radar of prospective students on the internet isn't always easy. Ideally, someone enters a program of interest into a search engine and it returns the best school programs and features for him or her. But you know that the reality is that the search engines are just too crowded, competitive, and confusing. Big names with big search marketing budgets get all the visibility. This puts both smaller institutions and students at a disadvantage. So what can you do? You can start by creating a profile. It's free for accredited schools and is the first step in providing prospective students the ability to find the right schools for them. By doing this, your school becomes a partner in a specialized, highly focused web resource where all schools, regardless of size or budget can show who they are and what they offer in a way that's equally visible to prospective students. When you set up your school's profile, your institution has full control over the information you present and the media you use in your presentation through an easy-to-use platform. Upgrade to a premium membership and you will be able to connect your College Search profile directly to your schools website or landing page. Students can then find and compare schools based on criteria they set, in a simple, clear, and sensible search Get seen by hundreds of thousands of potential students -- Join the community! College Search: Search Powered by Education

"From beginning to end, Flikli comes with my highest recommendation. The entire team delivered an exceptional experience throughout the initial concepts, storyboarding and final production of our video. Well executed, imaginative and fun!"
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Rob Weideman
Qlogix, Inc. - Creative Director