Everything you need to secure your cloud servers

Are you afraid of hackers, malware and other attacks on your company's data saved in the cloud? CloudPassage is your one-stop solution for the safety of your online information. It is a unique cloud security service that is fast, dynamic and scalable.

The Script

Say hi to Matt. Matt runs his application servers in a cloud because of the agility, scalability, and increased efficiency it gives him. But then there’s the issue of security. Matt knows that cloud servers are vulnerable to attack by hackers, botnets, malware and other threats to his company’s applications, data, and brand. The trouble is that Matt has to use many software packages to secure his servers, and he has to jump through hoops to make them work in the cloud -(pause)- if they work at all. Things are tough for Matt because he doesn’t control the hardware or the network, and his cloud environment is really dynamic. And when his company succeeds and the servers start to multiply, this is good news for everyone EXCEPT MATT. That’s where CloudPassage Halo comes in. Halo is a purpose-built cloud security service that is as fast, dynamic and scalable as the cloud itself. Halo automatically secures new servers, saving Matt tons of time and giving him ALL the security that his cloud servers need, fast and easy. Secure your cloud servers. It’s free for 30 days and takes just minutes to install. CloudPassage Halo Everything you need to secure your cloud servers.