Keep your online community safe with Cleanspeak.

Do you run an online community? Sick of the mean and profane comments left by trolls and online bullies? With Cleanspeak, you can monitor online comments and quickly take action against those who abuse the rules. Keep files on repeat offenders and warn other moderators as well. The Flikli animators especially enjoyed illustrating Jack, the menace in this video.

The Script

CleanSpeak This is Jack. He’s made it his mission to be a profanity-fueled menace to your online community. He knows all the tricks: curse words, leet speak, misspellings, using innocent words not so innocently, and even foreign languages. Sitting a server away is Jill, a community moderator. Armed with CleanSpeak profanity filtering and moderation software from Inversoft, she can keep close tabs on users like Jack. CleanSpeak uses a combination of technology and human moderation. Advanced software is the first line of defense against catches the low-hanging obscenities… while moderators focus on more complex situations, like Jack’s play on the word “smurf.” Since Jack is a repeat offender, he has a record stored on CleanSpeak, so Jill knows to be on the lookout. Jill can efficiently take action against Jack, and even leave a note for other moderators to watch out for him in the future. With CleanSpeak on your side, it’s easy to keep your online community safe. Visit to request a free demo today.