Give Your Brand A Double Life

Catchoom's technology bridges the gap between the physical world and the digital world to make shoppers' and gamers' online experiences better. Sound intriguing? Check out this Cartoon-style explainer video we made for them to see how it works.

The Script

Think the objects around you are leading a still life? Think again... Prints, logos and objects around the world are leading double lives, thanks to Catchoom image recognition. People can now take pictures of your branding or products and be taken directly to videos, special offers, or just about anything you’d like them to see - online. QR- what?!? Watch how we give retail brands an edge: One photo and the user’s on a wild ride, watching action-packed videos. We work wonders on magazines, newspapers and catalogues. This young lady sees a product she likes and - “snap!” - it’s in her shopping cart. Lookin’ good! And we grab gamers’ attention, too! Our Catchoom superpowers turn ordinary packages of candy into 3 extra lives! We’re here to change how people browse, how people shop and how people play. Think of what your brand could do with a powerful and reliable link between the physical and the digital world via image recognition. And fear not, developers! You can quickly integrate Catchoom in your app with our mighty SDKs and APIs. Unlock the endless possibilities of augmented reality with image recognition. Give your brand a double life! Sign up for free and join the Catchoom community at today!