Event Management on the Spot

Boomset is an integrated event management platform that'll stop your planning headaches and coordination nightmares. With its convenient app, you sync your event management apps all under one platform. No more searching for critical information! Manage the event live, right in the app, by connecting your staff and coordinate on the fly. We especially enjoyed being able to illustrate Tony, an event planner in the video, on a journey from frustration to happiness.

The Script

Boomset Audio Meet Tony, event planner. He’ll tell you that planning a successful event these days isn’t so simple. With so many ticket sellers and payment options floating around, coordinating them all can be a huge headache. Tony tends to lose track of the different threads he needs to pull together before event day. If only he could harness them all into one convenient app... Introducing Boomset, an integrated event management platform that lets Tony go beyond just selling tickets and lets him connect everything in one place. With Boomset Tony uses his iPad to manage his event live at the door, merge multiple ticket sellers, promoters, reservations, and guestlists plus print name tags and collect donations on the spot. His trusty staff is also connected & online with him, communicating and coordinating on the fly, creating an event timeline that can be reviewed afterwards. Boomset is better than aspirin for Tony’s planning headaches. It’s time for you to manage your event on the spot. Boomset! Event management during the event. Sign up now!