Why You Need A Mobile Website

We know that more and more of the videos we create for the web are going to be watched on mobile devices -- smartphones, tablets, and who knows, maybe even futuristic headsets. Having a mobile-optimized website is getting to be more and more important. The video we made for Bmobilized explains what it means to be user-friendly and mobile optimized.

The Script

Why you need a mobile website in 90 seconds. Your customers love their Smartphones! Why? They’re convenient and always around. And they use mobile websites when they want to take action! People are spending more and more time on mobile devices every day. Mobile web users are predicted to overtake desktop web users in 2014! But no one wants to try using their thumb to tap links, that are barely big enough to see. And, there’s nothing worse than a slow-to-load, detailed website squeezed down into an itty-bitty screen. Mobile users won’t stand around and wait! They’ll head straight for your competitors. So if users behave differently on their Smartphones, why would you want to force a desktop website onto a mobile screen? Make sure mobile visitors to your site have a great experience! How? With a user-friendly, mobile-optimized site! What makes a mobile site user-friendly, you ask? It should be Fast... Simple... Easy-to-read... Thumb-friendly... Action Oriented... Entertaining... And Locally Relevant. And making the perfect mobile site doesn’t require as much hard work as you think! Give your mobile users the features they need. Mobilize your website today!