Setting Up A Mobile Domain and Redirection, Explained

Flikli made this video for website mobilization leaders Bmobilized to help them explain the not-always-straightforward processes of creating a mobile domain and setting up redirection for their mobile site. Thanks to Bmobilized and this explainer, Mom and Pop's Candy Shop will always be easy to find on mobile devices.

The Script

Mom & Pop... … have a great new mobile website, and they’re well on their way to reaching a valuable mobile audience. But - so mobile users can actually take advantage - Mom & Pop have to do two things. First, they need to create a mobile domain for their new mobile website ...then set up redirection! What’s a mobile domain, you ask? It’s a domain dedicated to a mobile website. A dedicated mobile domain gives Mom & Pop’s mobile site a clean, simple URL … and helps users find them more easily. A popular choice for mobile domains is to put an ‘m’ before the existing domain used for the desktop site. To do this, Mom & Pop log into their domain registrar, where they bought their original domain, and create a CNAME alias, called ‘m’. Next, they need to point the CNAME alias ‘m’ to the location of their new mobile website. Now their mobile website’s URL is short, simple, easy to remember. sweet! We’re halfway there. Mom & Pop have a mobile domain but still no redirection. That means when customer Katie uses her mobile device to either search for Mom & Pop Candy Shop, or go to directly, she still arrives at their regular desktop site. So Mom & Pop place a redirection script on their desktop website. The redirection script detects when users are on a mobile device or tablet, and instantly redirects them to Mom & Pop’s mobile domain. Now mobile users like Katie can take care of their sweet tooth and get to Mom & Pop’s mobile site without any effort at all.

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Olivia Ballvé
VP Support & Partnerships, Bmobilized