Selling To Small Businesses Made Easy

Finding a Customer Relationship Management application for small businesses is not easy. Most of them have loads of features you are never going to use and a price tag that's downright scary. Flikli's new video introduces BiznessCRM, a Customer Relationship Management platform designed specifically for small business owners!

The Script

So you’re starting your business with a great team and a great product that you know small businesses will love. But now how do you find the right clients to sell to? Sure, there’s plenty of customer relationship management software you can buy, but they’re so confusing and expensive, and built for corporate salespeople instead of small business owners such as yourself. Fortunately, Bizness CRM is designed for you. We organize local leads by industry clearly and concisely and then narrow them down based on numerous optional criteria. For example, Bizness CRM helps you home in on those small businesses most active in self-marketing, and who’d love that great product of yours. Bizness CRM also features a user-friendly sales pipeline that easily tracks sales without the confusingly useless 10,000 additional features found in other CRMs. It’s simple to use, free to try, and the only CRM built for companies targeting small businesses. Want to find great clients and boost your sales? Then sign up on our website today at Bizness Apps: Selling to small businesses made easy.