Bizness Web

Websites For Businesses Made Easy

In our explainer video for Bizness Web, we bring back the look and feel we created in our videos for Bizness Apps and Bizness CRM to explain how Bizness Web makes the website creation process painless and productive for small businesses.

The Script

Today everyone’s getting their information online and - whether you have a restaurant, a law practice, or you sell real estate, you need to get your message to consumers, no matter where they are. But custom websites cost a pretty penny. You’ll wait and wait for designers to deliver the final product... then wonder if your site will also look o.k. on tablets and smartphones, too. Creating a beautiful website shouldn’t stress you out! Take matters into your own hands, with Bizness Web. Publish your business’s website quickly and easily, even if you're not the technical type. Sign up at Bizness Web and tell us what kind of business you run. Then we’ll recommend suitable site templates. Pick the design you like, type in your business information, upload media, then drag and drop these elements until you get the perfect look! Going through changes? We understand: you can edit your site any time. Our websites are specially designed for small businesses to look great on all devices – desktops, tablets, and phones - so your site will reach consumers on the go, too. Not to mention you’ll save that pretty penny – Bizness Web means a great site at a great price! Sign up and begin creating your website today with Bizness Web. Websites for businesses made easy.