Argo Translation

Making translations easy and efficient

In our latest video, Flikli describes Argo Translations which with over 2 decades of excellence in translation, allows you to get the translations you need and when you need it. They're responsive and efficient, while being cost effective. Tear down language barriers and engage with customers anywhere.

The Script

Argotrans Audio So how does Argo Translation go beyond just delivering you high-quality translations? Well, almost two decades of excellence in translation has taught us a lot! We’ve learned to meet your demands in the most efficient and individualized ways to enable your business to get the translation services you need whenever you need them. Argo gives you a personalized cloud archive which allows you to upload and download source files and translations from almost anywhere. We combine this with a comprehensive translation memory, which ensures complete consistency and means you won’t pay for a translation that’s already been done. Plus, Argo will always show you your costs and savings in simple-to-understand, interactive reports. A relationship with Argo gives you unparalleled access to both your content and our services, We know you’ll like that. With our excellence in translation, responsiveness, and efficiency, the language barrier disappears and you’re... free to engage with customers anywhere in the world. It’s simple to get started! Just upload a file and request a quote.