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Leadership Development in the Middle East requires an understanding of the unique cultural context and social decorum of the region. Using our Cosmo style, we were able to give an overview of Altaaat's specialized training program, highlighting both their approach and the cultural environment that it is tailored for. This is the English version of the video.

The Script

Muhammad and Fatima are two executives keen to cultivate their leadership skills. They had almost given up on leadership programs, finding most too theoretical and irrelevant to their actual needs. Then they heard about Altaaat’s T6 Group Leadership Development Program, a uniquely crafted journey of learning based on a fusion of local and global best practices. Muhammad and Fatima meet as part of a group of ten other executive learners from the region for an impactful three-hour session at different organizations, once a week, for ten weeks. Facilitating and enriching these sessions is one of Altaaat’s internationally educated local consultants that have worked with some of the region’s top organizations. Before each session, Muhammad and Fatima read about the week’s key leadership lessons through the story of a hypothetical leader, which they discuss during the session. They then follow up on the lesson with a real-life interview with an influential leader from the region. The learners go on to apply what they’ve learned to their own workplaces, sharing their experiences at the following week’s session. Through that process, the lessons learned are firmly reinforced through practice. After ten weeks, the unique and firm rooting in values, ethics and behaviors has enriched Fatima and Muhammad’s thinking and personality, helping them emerge as strong capable leaders, uniquely able to apply their new knowledge and abilities to their organizations. Leading organizations are turning to Altaaat for their leadership development needs. Get in touch with Altaaat today to learn more.

"Our experience working with the team at Flikli has been great! Not only their ability to work efficiently across time zone differences, but even more impressive has been their ability to draw characters from our region and produce an Arabic version of the video! Great experience."
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Hala Alturki
Partner, Altaaat