Keep your sensitive files private

In this video, Flikli shows you how easy it is to collaborate and share sensitive files with adeptCloud. With guaranteed privacy, your files of any size can be synced and shared on any platform. Files are not transferred to adeptCloud's servers. Instead, they are on your own servers and protected by your own firewall. A central dashboard allows you to control data relationships and on-site services.

The Script

Would you like to easily collaborate on sensitive files with complete privacy inside your business and with other organizations? Cloud-based collaboration tools such as Box and Dropbox aren’t solutions, as your sensitive files are uploaded to these services. And on-premise solutions are complex and costly to set up and maintain. Think differently. A better solution! adeptCloud brings you the best features of the cloud, plus guaranteed privacy for your sensitive files. Colleagues can sync and share files of any size on any platform. And with Cloud Management, IT can get adeptCloud up and running in just minutes. Easily control complex data relationships and onsite services from a central dashboard at Your files are never transferred to adeptCloud servers, and remain shielded behind your enterprise’s firewall. Our powerful cryptography infrastructure guarantees that even we, your service provider, can’t access your files. adeptCloud Onsite provides advanced services inside the firewall -- enterprise-grade tools for backups, versioning, auditing, web access and identity management. Collaborators are automatically redirected to their private adeptCloud Onsite server for seamless web access with complete privacy, always. Keep your sensitive files private, and collaborate easily. Sign up to get started for free at!

"Working with Flikli was great! They were responsive and professional throughout the whole process!"
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Jonathan Schoenberg