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Are you curious about your child's online usage? Worried about privacy? Flikli explains how aBeanstalk can help you monitor your child's social media and mobile usage for your peace of mind.

The Script

I thought being a vigilant parent meant keeping an eye on your kids. But even when I see my son, I have no clue what’s going on in his digital world. So I got aBeanstalk. It filters activity on social channels and text messages for keywords that could signal my kid is in dangerous territory. I get a real-time notification via email or mobile phone. It helps me get into the cloud, but only if I need to. “Hey, Timmy, watch your language!” And the GPS and family map function mean that I can see where my kids are and what they have been up to. The kids hear a lot less nagging from me, and have more freedom. Everybody’s happy - they get to enjoy their cool smartphones and I know for sure that they’re safe. Get started today, risk-free, and really know what your kids are up to online.