Zap the pain of managing your health

Picking up prescriptions are a pain in the neck, and digitized systems haven't made the process a smooth ride either. Zapprx is a mobile app that provides checks and balances to filling your prescription by connecting doctors, pharmacists and patients to eliminate misunderstandings, missing information, and long wait times. Their animated logo says it all!

The Script

Getting prescriptions has gotten complicated. Electronic prescription software was supposed to improve health care... but 20-40% of e-prescriptions have errors or are missing important information! Problems with insurance lead to 30% of checkout delays... ZappRx ... is putting an end to the madness! We partner with Doctors and pharmacists to make patients’ lives easier with digital, unlocked prescriptions. Patients now have the flexibility to pick up an RX at the most convenient pharmacy using their phones! :) ZappRx modernizes the checkout process... ...allowing Patients to skip the line (and the wait) ...with mobile transaction processing. Convenient and speedy, ZappRx allows you to swipe your phone and get back to life! ZappRx helps doctors and pharmacists, too. With our technology there are no more faxes or voicemails. This two-way electronic communication saves a lot of time, money and administrative burden...which reduces the wait time for patients. Plus, with ZappRx Doctors can find out in real time when patient prescriptions have been filled. Let’s improve the quality of health care and speed up the checkout process, together. Zapp the pain of managing your health with ZAPPRX! Contact us to find out more today!