Mighty Meetings (Tablet)

Evolve your meetings!

Doug's predecessor, Ug the caveman didn't have to worry about managing meetings through tablets! But now in the 21st century, with great technology comes great complications. Mighty Meetings makes sure that everyone is on the same page, I mean on the same screen, during presentations and conferences, and let's participants collaborate and edit a document together!

The Script

Hey there, you tech-savvy business owner! You bought an iPad for yourself, your kid, your cat .. you also bought iPads for all of your employees. So how do you generate a return on this investment? MightyMeeting! MightyMeeting turns those iPads into revenue generating, business opportunity creating dynamos With MightyMeeting you and your sales force can deliver a powerful presentation literally anywhere! Stream content to iPads in a meeting room, even when there’s no Internet. You can be right in front of everyone’s eyes in a huge auditorium! Even presentations to customers and prospects across the globe are no problem. MightyMeeting lets you share videos, documents, and more to any iPad, anywhere. *This* is the kind of stuff that your iPad was created for. Sign-up and download the free application at GoMightyNow.com Mighty Meeting Present Anywhere and Sell Like a Pro with Your iPhone and iPad.