Mighty Meetings

Deliver powerful presentations anywhere

You have great visual content for your presentation on your iPad but, uh-oh, how are you going to share it with clients across the globe or when you're stuck in a meeting room with no internet? No internet...no problem! Mighty Meeting lets you stream content from your iPad no matter where you are, from a hospital bed to an auditorium full of people -- your presentation is finally as portable as your iPad!

The Script

Hey there, you tech-savvy business owner! You bought an iPad for yourself, your kid, your cat .. you also bought iPads for all of your employees. So how do you generate a return on this investment? MightyMeeting! MightyMeeting turns those iPads into revenue generating, business opportunity creating dynamos With MightyMeeting you and your sales force can deliver a powerful presentation literally anywhere! Stream content to iPads in a meeting room, even when there’s no Internet. You can be right in front of everyone’s eyes in a huge auditorium! Even presentations to customers and prospects across the globe are no problem. MightyMeeting lets you share videos, documents, and more to any iPad, anywhere. *This* is the kind of stuff that your iPad was created for. Sign-up and download the free application at GoMightyNow.com Mighty Meeting Present Anywhere and Sell Like a Pro with Your iPhone and iPad.