Minimizing Big Data Management

Our classic enterprise style is ideal for visualizing big data management services or software like Infinio. The icons are designed for immediate comprehension of the script, while animated repitition coupled with clever transitions make a massive tak like big data management completely attainable in a few short steps with this product!

The Script

You’ve invested a lot in your NAS storage systems to support your virtual machines. But as data is flowing and users are growing, storage is slowing. Users are starting to get frustrated and your first instinct may be to buy more storage hardware. But if you already have enough storage capacity, why not focus on getting improved storage performance? Introducing Infinio Accelerator, a 100% software solution. Infinio offers downloadable storage performance! No new hardware, no reboots. You get faster performance in 30 minutes or less without ever leaving your desk. It’s the best way to make your VMs faster without buying more hardware, and at a fraction of the cost. Download the software at then just “click!” to accelerate your data stores. You’ll notice performance improvements within minutes. There’s no downtime and no service interruption when you install Infinio. Infinio works behind the scenes in your virtualized environment to make your NAS storage systems faster, thanks to server- side caching. You choose which data stores to accelerate. Then Infinio deploys a virtual appliance on each ESX server and inserts a pooled, deduped cache layer between the servers and the NAS storage system. Infinio begins offloading requests from your NAS by retrieving needed files from the local cache or from neighboring ESX hosts. You can see the performance results on the Infinio dashboard. Check how much your storage system response time has improved; see how many disks you didn’t have to buy, thanks to Infinio; and learn how much bandwidth and how many requests you’ve offloaded from the storage controller. Trying Infinio is easy and risk free. And if you want to remove it, you can do so with one click. Infinio leaves no trace behind. And, just like installation, there’s no downtime, no service interruption, and no rebooting. Support your growing VM infrastructure and get MORE out of your NAS. Sign up at and we’ll let you know when the beta is available. It’s quick and easy to try Infinio -- and fully functional trials are always free! Download yours now at