Immersive Labs

Analytics in the real world

Visually marrying shop footfall trends with analytical charts and graphs is no easy task. In this Immersive Labs video, a sleek cosmo design shows you the real-time analytics offered by Cara software. Cara is immediate, actionable, and anonymous!

The Script

There’s so much information available in the virtual world. From the web, social media sites, and mobile campaigns. But gathering data in the real world isn’t as easy and this is where 90% of purchases happen every day. The most actionable market information isn’t buried in charts and stats, it lives in the real world. Imagine being able to collect analytics in-store, the same you do online! Imagine being able to understand, what’s popular with people from a quick glance or interested pause. It’s all possible now, with Immersive Labs Cara software. Cara instantly, and anonymously, detects faces. Accurately discovering valuable data about gender, age, attention time, glances, and more! So that you can know what people really want and adapt to it, right away. Now you can get real time data about foot traffic, demographics and dwell times, at all your store locations. With each person who walks b, you’ll get more data about what they respond to, and be able to change the content in front of them to immediately match their preferences. The benefits go beyond digital displays too. You can now know how long your customers wait in line and can optimize your procedures for efficiency. Cara can also monitor store entrances and end caps to know how many people come to a location and where they linger, where they hurry, and what draw their attention there. Installation takes minutes! And everyone’s personal identity is safe and anonymous. Since Cara doesn’t record images, or collect any personally identifiable information. Request an invite, and sign up for free today! Immersive Labs, analytics for the real world.