Exposing and resolving video collaboration's dirty little secret

Video conferencing and collaboration has a dirty little secret...Check out GlowPoint's sinister foe in our custom style, and think about the facts that are swept under the rug in your own industry...

The Script

It’s Monday morning. Time for your weekly checkpoint meeting… with everyone! People are grabbing their tablets, desktops, laptops, even smartphones. They log in, one by one and suddenly there’s a meeting in progress. Technology is beautiful! Or is it?? Video calls are still difficult, even though technology is supposed to make them simple and reliable. Bandwidth can be a bottleneck, making calls fuzzy or causing them to drop. Firewall issues mean calls can’t get through. And security is always a concern. Multiple videoconferencing platforms, operating systems, and devices don’t always work nicely together. There’s a Dirty Little Secret in the videoconferencing world: We’ve been led to believe that as video becomes more popular, the need for support goes away. But the exact opposite is true! No matter how good technology gets, video collaboration for business across the globe remains complex. And this Dirty Little Secret can get the best of the tech-savvy, too. That’s why thousands of companies have turned to Glowpoint as their partner for video collaboration. Glowpoint provides video collaboration and support services designed expressly for large- and mid-sized companies like yours. Our priority is making sure your business can collaborate via video easily and consistently. And when you can’t, our support services and video experts make sure you get you back to business as soon as possible. Have a noon meeting with business partners in France, India, and Korea? You’re covered. Interviewing candidates in South Africa? No problem. Glowpoint lets you focus on the interview without worrying about the technology. You already know video is essential for conducting business in your company. But now you know the Dirty Little Secret and who to call to make sure nothing gets in the way of achieving your business goals.