Hold on to your golf irons!

Sick of losing your golf clubs? Join the club! Caditag hasn't invented a talking golf bag (we did that), but it has developed a way for you to track your misplaced irons. Check out how it works, and take a look at how a misplaced golf ball turns into a fun animated logo.

The Script

Golfer: Where’s my sand wedge? Bag: You forgot it by the bunker last weekend. Golfer: What about my 3 wood? Bag: Maybe you left it at the driving range? Golfer: and my favourite putter? Bag: You lost that one 2 months ago! Golfer: Mulligan? Bag: Nope, sorry. Those clubs are as good as gone. Narrator: This wouldn’t happen if you had CadiTags. A CadiTag is a durable sticker with a serial number on it, which you register online and apply right onto each club. Then when another golfer finds your club, they can hand it in to the proshop who’ll assist, or they can enter the serial number themselves. Then you’ll instantly receive an SMS & email with the club’s location! Can’t go back to pick it up? CadiTag will assist with its delivery! There are no security details on the sticker - your information never gets shared with anyone. So take care of your clubs! Visit