Grab a ball, find a wall, and get rolling

Maybe you're suffering from tech neck, or your bad habit of overpacking for vacation is really taking a toll on you. Your back may be paying the price, but you can't afford a fancy massage chair...or the humiliation of getting into downward facing dog in front of your co-workers...Enter Bodyworks! It's a simple and cost-effective solution all rolled into one rolling ball, check out the countless ways you can use it for yourself!

The Script

Today’s tech-savvy workplace is a fast paced frenzy of multi-tasking, typing, clicking, texting, and staring. In the office, and on the go, our minds are fully focused, ...but our bodies suffer. We hunch over, develop tech-neck, and feel the pain. For every inch we’re leaning forward, that’s putting 10 pounds of pressure on our neck, shoulders, and upper back. This reduces our performance, cuts off air to our lungs, and limits our brain capacity. We should get up and move every half hour, but breaking into yoga poses in the office isn’t realistic. We need a better solution! BodyworksBall is a portable do-it-yourself massage tool, designed like what’s inside those fancy massage chairs. Except the BodyworksBall is a lot easier to carry around. :) Simply grab a ball, find a wall, and get rolling! The BodyworksBall works between the nearest wall and your shoulders, upper back (or even between the floor and your feet) to target your problem areas. Proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A., it’s just the right density for breaking up the lactic acid (AKA knots) in your body. So grab a ball, find a wall and get rolling!