5th Finger Health

A Healthcare Game Changer

This is a video that Flikli made for 5th Finger demonstrating how their mobile technology can help doctors and their patients create a personalized mobile experience tailored to the patients' specific needs and circumstances. Through the app, patients can learn about their illnesses, manage and track their symptoms, and get information relevant to their treatment cycle.

The Script

When Dr. Jones diagnoses a patient with asthma, he knows they’re going to struggle with the treatment regimen. In fact, 75% of US adults do not stick to their prescribed health program. This is a big ‘adherence’ problem. It’s a lot to take in, bronchodilators, inhalers, peak flow tests, check-up dates, expensive prescriptions. It’s clear that a solution is needed … but what? Mobile Apps! Apps are a great solution...if they can be tailored for specific diseases and personalized for each patient. Dr. Jones likes PharmaCo’s Asthma app, which is powered by 5th Finger. 5th Finger are specialists in mobile technology; with plenty of healthcare expertise, they’ve even developed their own technology platform adaptable to any medical condition. 5th Finger Rx technology can: -Be tailored to the specific disease -Provide a highly personalized experience and -Adapt to patient behavior over time. With 5th Finger Rx powered apps Dr. Jones’s patients can learn about their asthma, manage and track their symptoms, get information relevant to their treatment cycle and receive personalized coupons. Our aim is to ensure 100% patient adherence with modular apps that you can tailor to your needs. Try us. Doctors will thank you. Patients will love you. Live mobile, breathe results.