Optimizing Video for Email


Hello reader,

Would you like to learn how to increase open rates and click-through rates on your video email efforts? After producing more than 1,300 videos since 2011, Flikli has learned some very useful lessons and today we would like to share 3 actionable hacks with you. (2-min read)

Fact: According to a recent study conducted by Smart Insights, email marketing is the most effective channel driving website visits, leads, and sales. But the question is, how do you use video effectively in your email marketing campaigns? After all, no one likes to look at, or even open, boring emails.

The hacks:

1. Include the word “video” in the subject line to boost open rates by 19% and reduce unsubscribes by 26% (according to HubSpot)

  • "How to give and request feedback (video)"

  • "Watch this video and learn how to give and request feedback"

  • "Video: 4 steps to give and receive feedback"

2. Mention how long the video will take. If it is a 1 min 17 sec video, then say it is a 1 min 17 sec video. This helps people gauge the commitment they will need to make prior to clicking, and believe it or not, this works even better for longer videos (where people drop out the most).

  • "Click below and learn how to... (1m17s)"

  • "Check out this video to... (1 min 17 sec)"

  • "Watch this video (1m17s) and improve your..."

3. Draw the reader’s eye with a video thumbnail in your email:

  1. Take a screenshot of the most exciting frame on your video;

  2. Insert the screenshot in your email as an image (if you have the time, use an image editor to add a play button in the center);

  3. Highlight the image (like you would highlight text) and embed the link to the video;

We hope this post was useful, and that we can keep adding value in the future.

Happy video emailing!

Henrique Dias