Optimizing Video for Social Media


Would you like to learn how to increase your video click through rates on social media by over 30%? After producing more than 1,300 videos since 2011, Flikli has learned some very useful lessons and today we would like to share a special one with you. (2-min read)

Fact: research says that 85% of video on social media is watched without sound. This means that if your video isn’t ‘packing a punch’ with the sound off, right away, people will just keep on scrolling down. In fact, according to this blog post, Facebook says the magic moment occurs at the three-second mark:

“We know that 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will watch for at least ten seconds and 45% continue watching for thirty seconds”

The hack: one simple tool that statistically increases the chance someone will continue watching your video after they start is called closed captions. You've probably seen them before. According to this study, after adding closed captions to your video you can expect to see an increase in:

  • Average reach - approx. 16% more

  • Average reactions - approx. 17% more

  • Average shares - approx. 18% more

  • CTA clicks - approx. 32% more

What to do: you can use Facebook’s auto-captioning tool, found in the “Power Editor”, which is super simple to implement. If you are using Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, here is an alternative.

Proactivity tip: apart from closed captions, there are other elements that can increase user engagement on social media, but some of them need to be incorporated during video production. For the next time you are producing video for social:

  • Use consistent brand colors, themes, and imagery - people like familiarity

  • Pick an irresistible thumbnail that will get people to click

  • Add lots of movement to the first 3 seconds of your video

Hopefully this was something useful to you today, and we wish to keep adding value to you in the future. If you have any special topic requests, just reply with your suggestions.


Happy captioning!

Henrique Dias